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Hi Kokomo,

If the discharge time frame is less than the charge time frame.

And the "amount" of energy is the same.

The amount of power is the same. The "magnitude" of the power is increased.

There is not even any need for a calculation to support that.

If it is useful depends on the situation.

Again do we throw all our magnifying glasses away because they don't produce
more light than what enters them ?

Is a magnifying glass useful to see long distances ?

I must say I do not understand what it is you dispute. Did somebody say energy would spring forth from nowhere ?

Please outline exactly what it is you dispute. Then maybe it will be addressed.

If you see a claim made that you want to dispute you should be able to link to
it so we can read the claim too.


P.S. Kokomo, I am curious to know if you believe there to be a complete conservation of energy on a universal scale.

As in - Do you think the Universe has the same total Energy always ?

Or Do you think (like some people do) that eventually the Universe will degrade
to nothing at all, anywhere ? Or otherwise ? Simple question


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