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Originally Posted by Kokomoj0 View Post
No thanks, instead of snarking at me like Eric why dont you take the high road and rebutt my challenges. I laid it out extremely simple so any layman can understand, so take your best shot.

Did I sufficiently explain that this "Eric calls Electricity BOUND ETHER which is bounded by the wires." bought you nothing past the coil itself? I presume you understand.

If electricity is bound ether then sound is bound air fair enough?

Oh on the other hand if you want this to be all about some guy standing on his soap box spouting whatever and everyone grovelling at his feet for more whatever then by all means just give me the word and I will not post in this thread and Eric can have all the cheerleaders dancing at his feet and the topic will be limited to erics understanding or lack there of.

Since Eric apparently wants to punish everyone else because I challenged his position just give me the word and I will not post in this thread any more if that is the way you want it. I seen enough to get the picture.
Originally Posted by Michael Kishline View Post

Koko, I trust that you are a man of your word, as you are well spoken.

I officially and unequivocally accept your offer to no longer post at this thread, and as a man of your word, I hold you to your offer.

Warmest Regards Mike
Originally Posted by Web000x View Post
I do see the arguments being presented by yourself as being valid to some extent. The only problem with your arguments that I have is that they are being done with words alone which is far from real science. In order to solve this problem, we must experiment. If I am to be labeled a fool for experimenting with phenomena that 'cannot work', so be it.

Please don't post here unless you can show video clips of your experiments that PROVE Eric Dollard and Nikola Tesla to be wrong.

Good Luck,

Kokomoj0, integrity?