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Originally Posted by Kokomoj0 View Post
so what frequency will I get 1 million times "power" magnification?

I want my magnifier to output 1 million watts for every 1 watt input
It is suspicious that you claim to be qualified to debate the subjects in this thread but you don't even know what the difference is between ENERGY and POWER!

It has been defined for you multiple times and you claim to want a specific definition - um, what do you think the definition of POWER is? You obviously think that increasing power is the same as increasing total energy dissipated.

If you have x joules of potential in a cap and discharge it over 100 milliseconds, you will have so much power. But if you can discharge it over 1 millisecond, your power is magnified tremendously for that moment of time. The ENERGY is the same but the POWER could be in the megawatts for that shorter period of time.

This is so elementary, yet you point the finger at others as giving you 1/2 cocked explanations? Maybe you need to get real with yourself and realize that it is your comprehension that is lacking - not the explanations!

This really calls into question what your real motive is here because you are talking in circles.
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