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a re-post from: The Brain is an Advanced Fractal Antenna

25.2.2012 - 2/4 - Event Horizon - YouTube

love the way he describes today's society...the first thought that comes to mind is a Society that has gone Carnivorous vs an Omnivorous with a higher tendency towards Vegetarian

The Singularity Archetype and Human Metamorphosis | Reality Sandwich

The Singularity Archetype and Human Metamorphosis

Through a Glass Darkly

Most of us sense that the human species is hurtling toward some sort of event horizon. Images of apocalypse, extinction and metamorphosis haunt the collective imagination, but most efforts to look through the dark glass of the future and see what’s up ahead have been dismal failure
Looking through a glass darkly usually means that you see a distorted reflection of yourself--your projections and unconscious expectations, the distorted artifacts of your psyche misconstrued as images of the future. Later we’ll examine the psychology of prophecy and why it has earned its reputation as the most fallible of human enterprises. All of us have seen people of various persuasions--religious, New Age, techno-futurist, etc.--step into the carnival funhouse-mirror world of future gazing. When they emerge it always seems to be with breathless enthusiasm to tell us all about the definitive vision they have had. But unless we are also newly emerged from the carnival funhouse we can’t help but to think: What, another one? We’ve seen it all before, one after another steps out of the funhouse sure that they’ve seen things right, and yet they all see something a bit different, and whenever they attach a date to it they are almost always proven wrong.
All Truth is Half Truth

it is the sum of all these Truth that one can Trully Pretend to Grasp the Extent of The All...Although it is beyond ones Imagination for we are the Creation of the All

The Universe Experience itself through You ( 1 + 8 see enneagram )...and the one person you can't fool is you can't fool the Universe

The Singularity Archetype is a resonance, flowing backward through time, of an approaching Singularity at the end of human history. Since the Singularity Archetype is a ubiquitous hologram, you don’t have to see it through my eyes, through a tradition or the quirky gaze of any particular individual or group. The Singularity Archetype is like a mote of light you can see reflected in the eyes of multitudes. It is a mote of light reflecting in your eyes and mine right now. Some label this dancing mote of light 2012, others call it Rapture, or a variety of other names and labels.
If we allow the primordial image to reflect off of every sort of eye, then the reflection of each eye becomes like a pixel in a vast hologram.1 The reassembled image subsumes the idiosyncrasies of particular reflections and coalesces them into the Singularity Archetype. The Singularity Archetype reflects back to us an essential image of the event horizon we are hurtling toward. Essential images do not provide dates or specifics, so it is not like reading a book, but more like seeing roughly formed elements within a future that is also largely unformed. As we come to see and understand the Singularity Archetype as a roughly formed template of our likely future and not a specific culture-bound prophecy, we find our free will enhanced. We need to be aware of the formed elements of our future--death, taxes, evolutionary transformation--but we also need to recognize the unformed aspects which give us the room to make choices. Recognizing that the future has both formed and unformed elements, we step out of the deterministic world of prophecy and its linear countdown calendars. We also stop getting dazzled and bedazzled by what was chiseled in stone or written in sacred books long ago and far away about a primordial image we can find reflected in our own eyes right now.

I don’t claim that my vision and understanding of the Singularity Archetype is the definitive one, or that my mind is entirely free of distorting projections
really worth reading

My request is that you do what you would no doubt do anyway: scan every aspect of what I present about the Singularity Archetype with your penetrating inner truth sense. I believe your inner truth will reveal a holographic image already inside of you. You may discover aspects of the Singularity Archetype I have distorted or failed to locate. If so, your understanding can contribute to bringing the image into sharper focus, an added clarity for which I will be forever grateful.
a fractal construct has an 'efficient function', it has a fractal ergonomy to them, they function on multiple levels and in multiple dimensions:
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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