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Originally Posted by Geometric_Algebra View Post
Oh, we we were on the same page then (or pretty close) Raui, my thoughts just got derailed there for a bit (this one track mind went down a square power wave/resistor rail), but it helped to clarify things for me anyways. Okay, input energy storage into an RC network over a given period, and output energy dissipation over another period from the same network (l'll ride this track for a bit). I've been busy deeply ingesting solder fumes, which retards reading ability, don't you know?
Awesome, at least we know we're seeing the same sweet tune There must be worse things than solder fumes floating around this thread then as it seems your reasoning isn't as fogged up as some.

I will go further if I have to, I'm like a discharging inductor where my voltage will rise til it can discharge Also thank you, I didn't notice Armagdn03's post until you mentioned it. It seems this thread causes blind men to objectively hallucinate.

EDIT: Where did Garrett's post go?

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