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Hi Aaron appreciate your take. And thank you for your info. ASEA may be the short term and shot gun approach , but for long term and holistic, its really only a temp supplement in comparison to whats been done for many conditions through juicing, detox and plant based whole food nutrition(my point). If you take that route you prevent many more disease not treat symptoms.

This is why i beg to differ, i feel people are only on ASEA as they lack the proper diet[education], and this plant based whole food nutrition , juicing detox etc has knocked out more conditions than ASEA could dream of, WHY?

It gives you what you should have (immune balance)plus prevents disease. Supplements are only ever a SUPPLEMENT.

ASEA to me would only ever be short term.This is why i can show you 100's who reversed MANY CONDITIONS including chronic disease through nutrition, and not supplements. To me and others who have done it, its about balancing the immune system, not supplementing it.


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