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Power Magnification?... continued

Okay, I'll be satan's little helper for a second...

1. +W1 + -W2 = 0, (Assuming energy into and out of the system is conserved), right?
2. So, +P1*t1 + -P2*t2 = 0, (where (P1,t1) is your input power, over time frame one), (P2,t2) is your output power, over time frame two), right?
3. So, pick your favorite power parameter, mine just happens to be P2, and we get P2 = (t1/t2)*P1 (nothing magical here I hope), right?
4. So, define magnification as m=t1/t2, then P2=m*P1, right?

So, this definition of power magnification involves a ratio of two time frames; whereas the standard definition of a linear ac electrical transformer involves a ratio of the input and output parameters either V1/V2 or I1,I2 where (V1,I1) are the transformer inputs, and (V2,I2) are the transformer outputs.

Just tossing some suggestions out there (in the Bill Hicks advice to marketers sense of the phrase), and not setting out to deliberately distort anything here.

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