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ASEA should be subsidized as a medical treatment that's what it is at the end of the day, its a shot gun approach, plant based whole food nutrition would do a lot more (has done sorry) ask the Gerson therapy.

here is a list of disease they have done for 18 years
Throughout its history, the Gerson Therapy has become synonomous with the successful treatment and cure of advanced and non-advanced cancer. While it is true that the Gerson Therapy has a long, proven history of curing most cancers, what many do not realize is that the Gerson Therapy also has a long, proven history of successfully reversing a vast majority of other degenerative diseases. The following is a complete list of conditions that have been successfully cured using the Gerson Therapy:

1) Acne 2) Addictions 3) AIDS 4) Allergies 5) Anemias

6) Ankylosing Spondylitis 7) Arthritis 8) Asthma 9) Cancer

10) Candidiasis 11) Chemical sensitivities 12) Chronic Fatigue

13) Constipation 14) Crohns disease 15) Cushings Syndrome

16) Depression/Panic attacks 17) Diabetes 18) Emphysema

19) Endometriosis 20) Epilepsy 21) Fibromyalgia 22) Fibroids

23) Genital Herpes 24) Gout 25) Heart and Artery diseases

26) Hemorrhoids 27) Hepatitis 28) High Blood Pressure

29) Hyperactivity 30) Hypoglycemia/Hyperglycemia 31) Infertility

32) Intestinal Parasites 33) Kidney Disease 34) Liver Cirrhosis

35) Lyme Disease 36) Lupus Erythematosus 37) Migraines

38) Macular Degeneration 39) Mononucleosis 40) Multiple Sclerosis

41) Obesity 42) Ocular Histoplasmosis 43) Osteomyelitis

44) Osteoporosis 45) Phlebitis(Varicose Veins) 46) Psoriasis

47) Premenstrual Syndrome 48) Shingles 49) Stroke 50) Tuberculosis

51) Ulcerative Colitis

plant based whole food diets are for the LONG TERM but ASEA seems to penetrate to begin with, do you really need to be on this all your life and can compare it to a plant based whole food nutrition diet? I do know ASEA seems to be the best starter to work towards that holistic approach.

What prevents (not just treats) more disease?, ASEA? supplements or a plant based whole food diet like a 70-80 raw food diet(yes you can still have organic meat)

what documentaries have shown the proven track record of reversing chronic disease? AND AS A RESULT PREVENT NEARLY ALL OTHERS.

May i be Frank (doco)
Reversing the irreversible (many conditions)
Food matters
Hungry for change
fat sick and nearly dead

I can go on all day, how many diseases/CONDITIONS/ENERGY LEVELS have been beaten and how many docos have been done, they need to get medical records to make it undeniable tho.Only when one gets medical records of it's efficacy can you say to the FDA

I digress

ONE EXAMPLE- You want more energy, try some ASEA, then after a while try DETOX, try some lumica powder (B Vits) Nutritional yeast, raw tahini , almonds, Stevia, ginko, (energy drink)put some oranges and flax oil together (flax oil will delay the natural sugars for a sustained energy drink).

Point being. THERE IS MUCH MORE OUT THERE WITH A PROVEN TRACK RECORD TO CONSIDER. Treat yourself with food IN THE LONG RUN. LOOK AT OTHERS RESULTS,Now what do you need ASEA for? Maybe a few things. But use it for what it is.

Hope it helps


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