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you only get as much back as you REALLY try and also you get just as little as you try
Exactly Jes ! and the purpose for my very much simplified example of such a device, merely as motivation. Got to start somewhere and very few even do that
You can see by the way that the topic simply drifted off, that either people are busy actually building, or just haven't taken the time to do anything.
Your work prompted further reading and building...which now has seen a garden based horizontal radiant collector that's been running for many days. My thoughts were about our high lightning storm rate here in the Midwest of America. The collector is lightning nulled because of its height and powers an LED oscillator 24/7.
For reference: Radiant Energy Collector - Low Height - YouTube

Sanding and polishing of different plates is one area to do and then to put them in the attic, with spark gap protection and large gauge wiring. The simple AV plug and cap idea does work, but isn't very suited to multiple circuit integration. So, with a hoped for acquisition of germanium diodes, that situation can be *cough* rectified, for multiples of your circuit. As you say, only when actually replicated, will such a system work as described.
We need to do some roof repairs and that's when they'll be fitted.
I wish more people would simply have a go and see.

Regarding Mars anomalies, this one is a fave:

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