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here is a vid to add to our aluminum links

Originally Posted by Allwest View Post

see also Petar's post on aluminum and magnetite :

n rays :

------------------- from The Golden Tractate of Hermes Trismegistus applied to electromagnetism

Rene Blondlot: N-Rays

On a New Species of Light (March 23, 1903)

The radiations emitted by a focus tube are filtered through a sheet of aluminum foil or a screen of black paper, in order to eliminate the luminous rays which might accompany them. While studying these radiations by means of their action on a small spark, I discovered that they are plane-polarized as soon as emitted. I further proved that when these radiations traverse a plate of quartz in a direction at right angles to its axis, or a lump of sugar, their plane of action undergoes a rotation just like the plane of polarization of a pencil of light.

I then asked myself if a rotation could also be obtained by passing the radiations of the focus through a pile of Reusch mica sheets. I observed, in fact, a rotation of from 25° to 30° in the same direction as that of polarized light. This action of a pile of micas made me at once infer that a single sheet of mica must act, and that this action must be depolarization, or, rather, the production of elliptic polarization; this is indeed what occurs. The interposition of a sheet of mica, set so that its axis makes an angle of 45° with the pane of action of the radiations emitted by the tube, destroys their rectilinear polarization, for their action on a small spark remains sensibly the same, whatever be the direction of the spark gap. If a second sheet of mica is interposed, identical with the first, so that the axes of the two sheets are perpendicular to each other, rectilinear polarization is reestablished. This result can also be obtained by the use of a Babinet’s compensator. Consequently we are dealing with elliptic polarization.

tourmaline has boron and aluminum
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