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Yes there is another point at ~7200kHz. It's small by comparison to the other.

I was using the method you posted for the secondary to the best of my knoledge. But that's not much. Here is what I did:

For the test coil I used a pretty stout flat copper strip. I could only get it around two times. Placing the function generator across 1 turn of the test coil I set it to work. (always wanted to say that) I was not sure what the 50ohms was for but I figured it was accounted for by the 50 in the function generator.

Come to think of it I was not grounded. Or not grounded well. I will try again tomorrow outside where I have a semi decent ground. Am I correct about the 50ohms? Does the size of wire on the test coil matter?

And yes I have/had an extra coil. I took it off and things started to get better. That's when I realized something was wrong. Then you posted the tuning diagrams and I left it off. But the wire loosened up and now it has shorts all over the place. I'm using uninsulated wire for everything. I think I will move to insulated on my next extra coil.
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