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Originally Posted by dR-Green View Post
Also the bulb that Eric has recommended since is 28v 1.12 watt. I think that will be quite a task. The most I've seen on the scope with my flat spiral coil is 210mV so there's no possibility of lighting the bulb with that. I expect I need much better grounding which will be done at some point, but there's no way of adjusting the windings either so that's about the most I'll be able to do with that coil for the moment. [edit] Although I'm not entirely sure if it will even be possible with a flat spiral at all
It is hard to catch every detail that Eric throws me when I speak to him, but I am almost certain that there needs to be an extra coil in order to get the magnification factor to skyrocket which will in turn light the light bulb. I don't think I've seen an extra coil on your setup, or have I?

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