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Originally Posted by Web000x View Post

Eric said that it is not easy to get three coils to resonate together. It took him about a year at Landers to properly tune his receiver. As xee2 was saying, your magnification factor (Q) will be much higher if you can get the coils into a symbiotic resonance. This heightened magnification factor is apparently what allowed Eric to light the light bulb.

He also said that if you are having trouble getting these coils to resonate then don't use the extra coil and it would still work. However, I don't know if this will light a light bulb without the heightened magnification factor. This might just be for a telluric receiver.

Have you tried using an aerial (dipole) and the TMT style antenna at the same time for a comparison on an oscilloscope? This is what Eric is talking about in order to see the difference in phase angle of the two signals to see that the telluric transmission is propagated faster than the above ground transmission. This would be the evidence of a faster than light propagation.


I saw this post after I posted my last post.

It is quite a troubleshooting mission to tune three coils. I am having extream difficulty tuning one and I don't even know if I am doing that right. but I think I am getting a feel for it. Its hard to tell how much of the tuning should be done with distributed elements alone. As I noted in my last post adding a capacitor no matter how tiny seems to reduce performance. Putting my hand ~1" from the soda can peaks performance. Touching the can kills it.

I have assembled all that is necessary for version 2. It will be the same dimensions as the first unless I can figure out how to lower the resonant frequency about 400kHz. Instead of using 14ga I will be using 2.21mm OD x 0.91mm ID copper tubing. This will more than double the active copper compared to what I have now. I don't know how important that is but it feels right. The primary will have slightly more and can be narrowed down to match. Same for the copper plate primary cap. Now thats a lot of copper. Trust me I have been buying it by the pound at the scrap yard as it comes in.

I do not have a scope capable of the comparison. But I am sure if I can light a 100w light bulb my wife will let me buy one.

Thanks for the input.
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