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Hello to All,

Here is a better schematic that describes the proper orientation of the Radiant Energy Magnetic Field Poles and the Hot Poles (Our pulsed Field) in relation to each others in a given Coil.

The rectangle in center is the levitating permanent magnet on my video.

As I explained to Dave45 prior, this is the arrangement I believe is been developed when we pulse a magnetic field into a Coil, and the way R.E. responds.

The magnet is attracted towards center of coil (where R.E Field Poles are)
based on a double attraction [S>N/S<N][ from R.E.
Hot magnetic field creates a 'double repulsion' towards the permanent magnet, that assist to keep it floating.

Permanent Magnet will NOT levitate if positioned as [S/N], related to N/S of Hot Field. Therefore the Attraction from Hot is weaker than Radiant Field.

If We set a Flywheel Diode on the Input...The magnet will fall...the lamps will turn off...Radiant Field will crash, and the Radiant electrical flow will loop within coil...



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