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Magnetic Fields

Originally Posted by Dave45 View Post
ufopolitics have you tried two toroid magnets inside the coil in opposition mode, will it expel one or hold both inside?
Hello Dave45,

No, I have not tried two toroid magnets in opposition, however, let me explain the behavior so you could judge what will happen when you do...
The Coil is oriented by Hot pulses to be North Top, South Bottom, which is equal to: [N/S]. Now the Magnet that I put in must be oriented same as Hot Pulsed Field, or [N/S] in order to be ascended and staying into levitation.
If I put it the other way around, or [S/N] it will just vibrate but no levitation, will stay in the floor...
Therefore (and answering your question)...The magnet (toroid) that would be opposing to right oriented one will not ascend, nor levitate, just vibrate...if they would be attracted to each other configuring one magnet , with same will suck them both in, and levitate them.

To understand this behavior we must analyze the Radiant Magnetic Field, opposing the Hot pulsed field, or same as [S/N].

Hot Field=[N/S]
Radiant Field=[S/N]

However, Radiant Field is located right at very center of Hot, which looks like:


That configures the positioning of the Chain of magnetic links on this Coil.

The magnet oriented N/S will levitate because of Radiant EM Field being stronger than Hot EM Field...Radiant S (on top center) will attract N of levitating magnet, while N Radiant (on bottom-center), will attract S of magnet...However, Hot field will 'compensate' the magnetic fields on the floating magnet by establishing a N/S repulsion at the upper-lower extremes...

That is what I understand so far, related to this phenomena.

I hope it helped your question.


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