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Originally Posted by Ron Chase View Post
Fascinating Les, I wish I didn't have to eat and sleep just explore all the possibilities. So many tests to perform. I wasn't aware of the TPU video's, thanks.

I'm thinking along the same lines about building a monopole generator and making super coils that have a true mag amp function. It could work. I'm also thinking that as I build up a regaging motor some of these ideas could be tested with that form factor say one coil at a time.

Another test others have done and I'd like try is to add an additional coil (big)in parallel with the slave and master coils with no motor function. Should see an increase in charge energy there.

Thanks, Ron
Yeah, you got that right, but eating and drinking is not the problem....Just wish I were independently wealthy so I could play all day.....

Ok, I'll throw one more at ya...
NEOGEN / FreeEnergyLT / FreeEnergyLT
Just to the right of the bird with the peace symbol it shows the rotational effects of having a difference of one coil to magnets. It shows the eclipse going faster around the than the rotation.

Yes, this is in effect what bedini said at the conference concerning the Watson machine. But the littel graphic is great! this looks like a good way to handle the slower RPM's we are dealing with.

further down on the same page is something interesting about bifiler windings.

Also in the video Tech review, It shows the cores of the coils all attached to a back plate.

Ok, you may not have noticed but I have been thinking about this a while...
but there are some of my ideas. And that's where I am stuck....

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