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Product info on thorium plasma design for power generation.

Phemax Technology: Microsun Plasmagnetic Alternator
Directory:Phemax Technology: Microsun Plasmagnetic Alternator - PESWiki

Plasma arc generator:
Using the plasma arc and the water electricity fusion principle, separates the water into hydrogen gas fuel forms that may heat thermal power machines (internal combustion engine and external combustion engine). These engines can the turn generators to produce electricity. One prototype output five kilowatts [net?].

The Phemax generator is said to have a "1:5 electric power scale-up effect."

Plasmagnetic Alternator document:

Phemax technology tody announced The FREE Plasmagnetic alternator,published a patent peding application in the fuelless Renewable Electricity Energy generation equipment, use of cutting-edge plasmarc reaction (Microsun) the effect of plasma, into low-voltage high-current high temperature thermal conductivity of thorium fast tungsten, graphite electrode and water to produce plasmarc so that the water molecules of hydrogen and oxygen molecules of carbon electrodes and was an instant Atomic , Ion of the water of the composition of the chemical bond between the pyrolysis and produce some simple atoms such as hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and so on, these atoms collected by the synthesis gas into hot gas turbine (engine or outboard engines)."

Looks like a typical welder with thorium electrode creating water gas through plasma arcing in water, that then feeds the gas to a genset to make electricity.

Maybe make the plasma arc without the carbon electrode being consumed, by using 2 thorium electrodes instead.

This type of thorium plasma gneration is commonly used in the welding industry, so parts are readily available.

Cheers Mike
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