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Some recent printed info on thorium for power generation.

Bob Dratch:
Green Atomics - a better way

Bob Dratch: Thorium Powerpack
Howard Rory Johnson: Magnatron – Light-Activated Cold Fusion Magnetic Motor for Energy Invention Suppression Cases

Bob Dratch’s thorium powerpack would generate electricity at approximately one-tenth of the cost of current methods of producing electricity. Thorium is sufficiently abundant that the entire planet can be powered for millennia. After ten years of continuous operation, a trace amount of U-233 is produced. U-233 recovery to re-purify the thorium is easily accomplished. Thorium thus lasts a long time when recycled and consequently is a very efficient energy source. After extraction from ore, thorium does not
require energy-intensive enrichment as is the case with uranium.
A thorium-powered reactor is inherently safe. It doesn't run the risk of "meltdown" or explosion nor can even a dirty bomb be created. Its nuclear reaction simply stops when its neutron exciter is turned off.
The simplest and smallest "table top-sized " neutron exciter design is something close to the size of a 4-D cell flashlight, and starts at about 500-kilovolt neutron output. In fact this smallest most cost-effective system can run off 4 D cells for its power.

A thorium powerpack’s neutron excitor does not use radioactive flux components as conventionally done for portable systems. Instead it relies on Dratch’s invention of a novel method of resonant phonon pair cleavage using specifically designed nuclear lattice holo-forms (holographic waveforms) to induce neutron imbalance in a host atom where the host atom then attempts to establish "balance" through the liberation of neutrons. Dratch demonstrated the first model of this novel design back in 1966.

Commercial thorium powerpacks can be developed with 50 or 100 kilowatts of output for home use, and up to 1 megawatt for industrial use. They actually are “power amplifiers” with power outputs of 60 times over input power. Maintenance would be minimal.

IPMS: Thorium-227 Electricity Generator
Howard Rory Johnson: Magnatron – Light-Activated Cold Fusion Magnetic Motor for Energy Invention Suppression Cases

The I.N. Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science (IPMS), Kiev, Ukraine, from 1951
through 1991 secretly employed 6600 of the most brilliant theoretical physicists in the entire Soviet
Union to work for nearly 50 years with complete freedom. They were able to develop whole new
sciences, technologies and materials unknown in the West.
Their models of non-linear quantum mechanics, plasma physics, atomic engineering, nuclear
physics and related mathematical and theoretical constructs, which made their development possible, are
so unique that they challenge the validity of the most fundamental assumptions embodied in the
Copenhagen Interpretation model currently held in general acceptance in the West.
For example, Western-developed particle/wave quantum mechanics is described by Einstein’s E =
. The Soviet nonlinear model of quantum mechanics is described by the formula E = M
v [Energy =
Mass @ rest as a function of a mathematical constant].
Einstein’s theory of relativity assumes that the speed of light is constant. However, measurements
have shown that the speed of light has slowed down 7 per cent over the past two centuries. (See
Search Results news article asp ARTICLE ID=39733.) Einstein’s famous equation is therefore
not based on the real world of peer-reviewed experimental results. Consequently the more correct Soviet
model has enabled numerous technical advances not even dreamed of by Western science.
Among several energy inventions developed by the IPMS are free-standing thorium-227 isotope
electric power generating plants. They can be small enough to power a single home and large enough to
power whole communities. They also can operate for up to 18 years without ever requiring refueling or
Arrangements to commercialize these useful energy inventions by joint ventures of the IPMS and
more than a dozen private sector companies were repeatedly sabotaged by the U.S. Government’s
Defense Intelligence Agency and others. (Source: David G. Yurth,
The Anthropos Files: Tales of
Quantum Physics from Another World – 2
, 2007)

Cheers Mike
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