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SSR dump


Two things...

1) The FET works just like you have shown. My wheel dumps at about 1.5 Amps. You are right, it is hard to tell what voltage it dumps at. I wonder if I truly understand this type of dump. My digital meter shows about 40-41V. I know the digital meter can't really see it.

2) I was wrong about my K12A. I tried it again and found that it does just like the FET and dumps at 1.5 Amps. I was so paranoid when I first did it, I had the analog meter hooked up backwards and I was to focused on the voltage on the cap. Glad to know it works. It actually works in reverse of what JB showed in the video. I wonder why? I have it hooked up like you show in your schematic in post 1830.

Guess it's time to run some tests!

Thanks, Brent

Originally Posted by Ron Chase View Post

Here's a schematic that shows how to connect the FET. I verified again that the IRFP260 FET (just 1) works on my machine and runs cold to the touch, no heatsink. Be sure to hook up an analog current meter as shown so you can see the current flow and make sure the charge battery connection goes to the right place.

Enjoy, Ron

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