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Originally Posted by MonsieurM View Post
You may not immediately see it ... but the following vid is a beautiful metaphor to our entire discussion and its purpose .... It is the same Process .... be like a Humming Bird chase after the Nectar of the Gods

you are the Teacher / Initiate .... the Humming Bird / Flower .... a Telesti

The beauty of pollination - YouTube
from: Gnostic.Org: The Kybalion

ie: share your source

so we can all undergo metamorphosis and take off

I apologize for ranting continously but you have to understand, the only way to knowing the Truth of Nature is by becoming One with Nature, you do not need a Teacher, [U]you are the Teacher[U]. You do not need me as you are very capable on your own, but I am only here to lend a hand, to show you the first steps.

Just got my first standard electrolyzer to work. HHO torch is functional

Now that I have the gas to play with, I will experiment with ozonating the HHO, the steam, and refining various metals as I had intended to last year.

More to come...
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