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4/11/12 = 4+1+1+1+2 = HM 9
I am only a slower (lower frequency) antenna, than you
I do not mean that to be limiting....
But right now, it is 4/12/12...
4+1+2+1+2 = 10 = HM 1
It is the start of a new understanding for me

Practical Method for Production of Water Fuel with Piezoelectric

Atomized water is a fine molecule measuring 1 micro meter or less, it takes very little energy to liberate HHO at such small size compared to regular water with molecular bond. The difference is just like grinding fine sand into powder versus 1 inch gravels.

I have been labelled with various names of which that does not bother me. From the very begining of our discussion, I had asked everyone numerous times, DO NOT LOOK up to me, I am no difference. You have your own intelligence that resides within you, my goal is to help you liberate your own natural conscious.

Everything is whole, you can not learn Natural Conscious from reading a book as it is only self taught. You can not theorize Conscious as that is pure speculation. When you understand Natural Conscious, you learn to let go, your EGO is the barrier that seperates you from your higherself.

I apologize for ranting continously but you have to understand, the only way to knowing the Truth of Nature is by becoming One with Nature, you do not need a Teacher, [U]you are the Teacher[U]. You do not need me as you are very capable on your own, but I am only here to lend a hand, to show you the first steps.

Nature is abundant with everything that anyone will ever need. When you understand, you will see the many many things that is wrong with this world, and [/B]together we will all make a Change[/B].

I am not holding anything back, I have simplified the process by utilizing common elements inplace of Chemicals that is restricted from Public Access, there by allowing you to see How Nature truly works, how transmutation occurs, how any different elements can be fused together to achieve the same property. There is no Law in Nature, you are the Creator.

I thank you all for your trouble and efforts in helping me distribute this knowledge, Together, we will make a Change.
And so, we might combine this North monopole / simple high voltage generator, with atomized water, or steam -- to acheive the dis-association that I sought to find, long ago....

I say this, because an Ozone generator, can be combined with water steam, or finely atomized water droplets to induce a gaseous state -- the water fuel that "powerme" was trying to share with us all.

MonsieurM, your water heater is very fractal.

It seems, you were always a step ahead in your knowing

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