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Exclamation No one ever does as one tells.

I am Jes Ascanius
And no one off you ladies does what i write, instead you try to get something else working that is not at all as i describe and then come here to ask each other in vain most of the time, because you ask a myth as what you ask is not what you have made!!!

Please do exactly as i do and it works, if you do something yourself that is not like the way i show it, that is why it properly does not work.

So funny to see some of you write that there nowhere stands that the suspended plate has to be isolated.

As someone saw and wrote :-) good thing someone still can use their eyes!

Key notes:
POLISHED aluminium plate

Henged on NYLON Robes/strings

"8" gauge solid cooper leads, "4" gauge is a absolute minimum and you folks use leads that are so tiny it can never work!

Large ground connections

Please do see the pictures and videos of the system running from my live space!

Everytime i see someones replication, the suspended plate or wire is infantly small or low placed, eventhough i clearly state that either much larger or much higher up?

Also it depends on ionospheric pressure, meaning that low wet regions are just as awfull as high dry regions are wonderfull for such radient systems, so where one mand has a 60 x 60 aluminium plate on his artic to charge a phone, somewhere else that gets even more power and somewhere it is like it does not even work, so if it is to humid and you cant get it up real high without any aetheric connection to ground, then forget about it, it is not going to work.

Polish the aluminiumplate often or see the power collection fall, polishing it to high polish and keeping it polished, so use 2-3 mm aluminium plaets, the you can polish them all you want over decades.

It must be dry polishing, no wax - no nothing but what you polish with.
I use a centergrinder, one of those round thingies that you can buy cheap in every buildermarked that both vibrates and turns, finer and finer paper, when the finest paper is used i do nothing more but wash and rub them with clean cutton and isopropyl alkhohol, then polish it slightly again afterwards just witj clean cutton.

So how come someone write here in this lovely forum that there stands nothing about it in PJK Book???

The number one reson that many cannot find out how things work and cannot even replicate tyhings that are clearly stated?

I know from long experience the truth, here it is folks:

Retardment here talked about is remebering false memories, not being able to remember, not being able to calculate, not being able to visualise and other lovely faculty difficulties!

Please never listen to people that are the so called "lamers" they are in reallity far more involved in pumping their ego rather than trying to get something to work wich it seems like they are posting about, but it is not, they are there for getting reflection before it is earned truely, whicked people is another word, they grow more and more by time right now untill we all descide to change, so please recognice them, sort them out and go only where real truth is, where something real is made and documented, never listen to those youtubers, but listen to people whom have read books for many years or have REALLY been using houers every day for years to find out about something.

That has been the way i initially got this working, that is also how i get anything else working, by reading and doing A LOT for YEARS, sorting out, trying out, no manual, just the thinking ultra logically through Hermetic rules / Axioms and one can find out about just about anything i woukd guess, but you have to be senseer, really trying, because you only get as much back as you REALLY try and also you get just as little as you try.

Sorry for my bad english among other things ;-)
But Homo Sapiens, Maat, the civil abe listen more when you roughen them up, it must be a side effect for being driven mainly by fear to enlarge the sphere for at least 50.000 years.

Homo Sapiens, the first Atom bomb driven biological creature, just bombing its way through anyone/anything else untill it is purely alone and have erradicated the last spek of dust in the entire physical universe.

Allalus face on mars wheaps for the lacking actions of the son of Enlil/Enki, that he could not defeat Marduk, that they most flee to far far away land, and here we are left, with Marduk, god of war, lots of Atom boms.

How we made it, how we are great, how we will surely prosper, how every day a new kind of tree or plant, animal or insect springs forth from creation........................OR NOT!!

Insanity, Confusius, the mind of madness, out!

Something worth trying!
Limestone, incapsule metal plate behind limestone and use it as a collector, the radient inflow is very large indeed, but nothing sure to talk about just yet.

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