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Which makes me think about this video....
I wondered how Ed Leedskalinin made his magnets...

It appears MonsieurM and Rodin showed us how...
Marko Rodin Permanent Monopole Magent (biased Poles) - YouTube

This makes me think -- the cadeseus coil makes many "dead centers" where the magnetic fields void each other, and "cancel out"...

If he is making a "Monopole" north; when according to russell North is the gravative half of the magnet....

What would happen if you put that genero-active, compressing gravity center around a few dis-similar di-electrics?

And what if you were to encase that infa-red, or X-ray receiver in that di-electric...?

Free Energy 24hrs/day Radiant Energy Receiver

The desire to understand what Powerme was discussing a year back, just pinged back to me about the tourmaline crystals for a pyroelectric battery -- or, if I understood how to grow lead sulphide crystals -- that I could attach the same highly sensitive high frequency antennas to a di-electric; using the same focal gravity center that is present in rodin's coil, and the cadeseus coil.

It's funny how almost all of the "supressed" research, and our modern theories dodge around this simple principal of voidance of opposites -- and how the dis-association, and recombination of many (dis-association of water, comes to mind) "OU" devices. The mayans thought that the Zero was highly significant, instead of being a blank "nothing"....

I now understand what must be done, and that because I understand it, I must worthily make myself an example for all to see.

Thank you, my friend
I will share what I now understand
I am only sorry that it has taken so long to reach this point of understanding.
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