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Originally Posted by Kokomoj0 View Post
I said this in the other thread, make a ful wave bridge out of your germ diodes and use filter caps. I would be shocked if you couls pull in any amount of power like that because of the low current density. The whole idea of pulling "significant" power off of these radio stations seems absurd to me.
That's what I'm trying to figure out.

File:Replica-of-first-transistor.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I like this picture. It says alot about what we can do once we learn how.

I've learned alot about working with radio frequency just tuning the basic crystal radio.

So far my TRT is a Just a large crystal radio with two coils. But it will light an LED continuously all day when the station is @ 10kW. It's dim but it's on. Not blinking(filter cap), one germanium diode and led across the secondary.

It may all be just standard RF reception. I don't know yet. I didn't think that would be possible. But it's not tuned yet. Unless I got it right the first rime.

The full wave should help as long as the extra voltage drop does not cause problems.

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