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Thorium And Plasma Energy Not New At All...

Its no big surprise people are talking about Thorium Power again, especially since the Fukishima fiasco. A nuclear crisis brings out both sides of the crowd, the greenies and the nukies, - as well as those with vested interests in fossil fuels and want to keep ICEs in our cars for as long as possible.

Thorium was discovered way backin 1828 and ever since scientists have found it to have far more benefits, safety, and energy potential than uranium. In fact both Dupont and a Congressional committee pushed to use Thorium instead of Uranium for our nuclear energy program back in the 50s. But since gas was dirt cheap and oil so plentiful back then, the nation's nuclear focus was on Uranium simply because Thorium could not be used to manufacture atomic bombs. So as we know, the DoD overruled Congress and Uranium was selected, and now people are pushing to make the switch - just like China, Norway, and India did and just like MIT, Harvard, Princeton, and Purdue has been urging.

Do you recall Eisenhower's warning about the threat of the military industrial complex? They have indeed become part of the real shadow government and for them Uranium is good for business and politics. Iran could easily avoid problems with the America by using Thorium in their reactors. Think about it.

And plasma energy is not "new" either. Tesla had advanced theories on the subject and if you look at a previous post above on the first page you will even find one of his diagrams. The only new thing that has got people excited and pissed off is that we discovered we already have Thorium plasma batteries available to us that never need a recharge, but they are under lock and key by the Pentagon - forcing us to remain addicted to oil and the elite who profit from the black gold trade.

The key debate is not just Thorium but the technology suppression surrounding it. If any of the surviving inventors are reading this, I would urge them to publish their work online and give the technology to the world as a gift so no one government or the military can glom it for themselves. The problem is there are too many "Patriots" in the world in high places. In the mean time, the greenies and nukies both need to understand that Nuclear can indeed be green, clean and safe with Thorium, and disregard all the deliberate disinformation being spread by Uncle to keep people living in fear and occasional panic. As Hitler once said "A fearful populace is an obedient populace".
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