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I may have discovered why your K12A is not working. Data sheets don't seem to be available for that vintage of Douglas Randall SSR's but I was able to piece together some spec's on the load side ratings which is the side we are using.

K08A Load Side rated 32VDC @ 8A
K12A Load Side rated 32VDC @ 10A
K12B Load Side rated 55VDC @ 12A

So you can see the K12B rated at 55V is probably the SSR John B is using with his wheel since 48V was probably the max his cap floated up to. We just couldn't read the number in the video. The Magnecraft SSR I'm using is rated 200V @12A so its probably overkill and may even be limiting my charging. I will have to do some experimenting with more SSR's to try and characterize the ideal rating range. Could be expensive!

Also try using the IRFP260's we got. It worked for me. Connect between the Drain and Source. I will do the same again with mine.

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