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Originally Posted by BrentA929 View Post

I tried the K12A again...

No luck! Tried hooking it up both ways. When I hook it up the way JB shows in the video, the cap fills up to 100V. It may be dumping but you can't see it and the voltage is way to high for my cap. And when I change the wires it just sits at around 36V and no dumping. I may have to get your SSR.

@JB - Any interest in selling your SSR?

Thanks, Brent
OK we have to figure this out. Its not dumping anything if your cap voltage is rising to 100V. With your size coils you shouldn't be having any trouble flowing RE through the FET side of that SSR. Email or post a schematic of how you have it hooked up and the component values you're using. One important detail is where you have the plus side of the charge battery connected. I'll see if I can get a K12A data sheet and see if shows a snubber diode and how its hooked up.

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