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Originally Posted by Thane View Post
Hello, I'm new on this forum, and I were led here through my searchings of Nikola Tesla, and his Tesla Generator, since I'm searching for information, self teachings, and truth about the Alternative Renewable energy, and the conspiracies surrounding these important ideas.

Now I'm just rushing to a question with no prior knowledge or advanced electrical skills, and I only read half of the threads on this Topic, sorry.
But I saw your Anti Gravity Experiment, and noticed the alien aircraft recordings at the end.

But here's my question: Is it correct to assume, that by using your demonstration in the opposite way, you could potentially have the recipe for creating a "UFO"? :-)

I apologise if I'm completely wrong, or making it sound too simple, but bare with me. I'm still a 'Noob'

Hello Thane,

I read You have researched Nikola there may be a chance you have glanced at his Extra Terrestrial side...and also to His Anti-gravity development.
If You also read and see video demonstrations from John Hutchison, will also find a lot of info there related to UFO's, Anti-gravity and Electromagnetic Fields..
And related to my latest video...that is not the "Real" Anti-Gravity manifestation as it is conceived by our sciences...but an 'Effect' of Electromagnetic Field that develops into a levitation of magnetic materials...

Anti-Gravity develops in ANY object, no matter its composition, however electromagnetic fields are very closely related to anti gravity.

The UFO at the end images are from the Jerusalem UFO on Jan 2011...there were many different angles views from different points...they say it was a big movie to be produced...coming soon to a theater near never happened. And I, particularly believe it was a completely real event.

Milliseconds before the UFO departed in a speed beyond our technical development, it flashed a couple of times...All witnesses videos (synchronized) show exact same timings on the strobes and vertical take off...

I have been working on Radiant Energy for quite a while...and it may be 'pure coincidence' that the Anti-Gravity effect only comes up, stronger, at very high peaks of Load output...which I use Lights...

That's the reason why I showed those clips there...
I leave it to the mind of the viewer to judge according to his knowledge...

P.D: I have no idea if that would be a 'recipe' to make a UFO...

Thanks for your comment.


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