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SSR Cap Dump


I tried the K12A again...

No luck! Tried hooking it up both ways. When I hook it up the way JB shows in the video, the cap fills up to 100V. It may be dumping but you can't see it and the voltage is way to high for my cap. And when I change the wires it just sits at around 36V and no dumping. I may have to get your SSR.

@JB - Any interest in selling your SSR?

Thanks, Brent

Originally Posted by Ron Chase View Post
Patrick, it sounds like your K08A is working just not the way you think it should. Here is part of an email I Brent:


Here it is. Because of all the talk over the years about large spikes hitting the negative pole of the battery, Iíve been thinking that if I donít see a big spike or voltage change at the capacitor then itís not working. In reality there are big spikes going into the cap but they are absorbed by the cap and then transferred to the battery through the SSR and only show up as pulses of current flow through the analog meter. The charging is there but if you look at the cap dump voltage you will only see very small increments of change at each trigger. Just tweak your machine to get as high a current pulse at the meter and it will charge fine."

Patrick, what I found with my NE2 cap dump circuit was that the circuit was dumping at 70-75V down to about 60V and disappating lots of heat through the FETS. But it only charged slightly better than the simple SSR circuit, just wasted a lot of energy as heat. Your analogy of the water cascading is good but apparently thats all it takes with the larger Ferris Wheels. JB did say to build big!

I know its not what we expected but nevertheless it works. Maybe it just works better on the big wheels.

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