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Originally Posted by Les_K View Post
Ron, Patrick This is really good. Thank you.

I tried to break things down into construction vs operation of the machine. and what you are now talking about is operation. Here is a list of posts that I had compiled that follows along with your thinking.
198, 710, 715, 741, 733, 738, 737, 740, 743, 193, 200, 68, 91
There is a lot more of course but I think this covers the main concepts.

My thoughts go back to what you said earlier, that we should be greater than 1:1 with this machine. I believe Ron you just hit on how we can understand how to do that. Maybe the posts will help. I am not clear on this but It seems there is a real interaction between the monopole section and the ten coils on the shaft. They are sided in such a way it seems they complete the top portion of the triangle. that would mean that we will need to collect energy at that point just as the center coil collects at the other triangle point at the bottom.
If so our machines are only half done.


Thank you. That's exactly what I'm saying! With our 3 coil monopole wheels we can get a little over 1:1 but by adding the energy from the re-gauging motor in generator mode (or even another monopole on the shaft in generator mode) we can get to 2:1 or greater. John B explains this in DVD #23 Tech Review. That one DVD is worth gold.

Thanks for the list of posts, I will review them all.

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