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Originally Posted by minoly View Post
just for the record, I have a bank of 6 T105's 225Ah each, in 12 volt arrangement for a total of 675Ah.
I also have 2 L16-H's that are 395Ah.

I concur that this energy likes to have large good quality low impedance on the back.
my SSR behaves the same however, if I have it hooked up to 3Ah SLAB or the large bank - the SSR does not care. the energy does care.

I never realized how much until Tom at BM2 asked me to connect it up on one of my better chargers. the energizers charging ability improved dramatically.

I should also note that I do not have the large coils in place - too many distractions. so your thinking that a larger radiant source will make the SSR behave more Like John's could still be correct.
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