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ONE other thing;

EVERYONE dies; and, at least for the person, the vast majority die 'suddenly'.
Using such adjectives to suggest foul play is rather 'yellow journalism' sensationalism, seems to me. Feeds the paranoid idea that these are assasinations, without actually contributing anything. They died. O.K. They died of a car wreck. o.k. They died of a heart attack. O.K. Those are statements of fact, assuming they are verified. To say someone 'died suddenly', and use this to IMPLY some kind of 'black operation' seems to me to be rather childish., Just suggesting we stick with the 'facts, m'am JUST the facts."
And, if any of these threads on Thorium are going to have any value, would be a lot better if someone would describe exactly HOW thorium is used, either for a battery or a power plant, instead of ranting about suppression, etc.Jim
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