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I this typical RF

On a TRT secondary and extra coil:

{extra coil}------{secondary}-----Ground

If I tap between the extra coil and secondary run a germanium diode, my body, and LED in series to ground I can dimly light the led.

{top of secondary}--{+germanium diode-}---{right hand}---{body}----{left hand}---{+LED-}----Ground

The LED will show light and its getting brighter the more I learn.

Is this a normal RF???

I can see 2.2v avg across the LED when I leave my body out of the circuit. 2.6max and 2.5pp. These are all estimated because the values fluctuate with the broadcast signal. They stabalize a bit when I put a 330pF cap across the LED.
Also adding capacitance to the lead that goes from secondary to diode in the form of me touching the insulated lead has a large effect. I was able to recreate this effect using a the piece of aluminium(i.e. the ground terminals of a dule gang air variable cap). Using the variable cap the way it should be used did not work. Made things completely stop working and the voltage dissapear. I found this on accident.

So is this something you would see on a typical crystal radio?
Is it RF or somethine else?
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