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Originally Posted by broli View Post
There's also the much safer strontium battery that has seemingly vanished too:
Paul M. Brown: Resonant Nuclear Battery (Nucell) ~ Beta Voltaic Effect ~ Collected papers & US Patent # 4,835,433

And he said that back in 1990, poor sob didn't know who he was messing with. And yet history seems to repeat over and over.

Oh yeah he's also dead btw, died in a car crash: Mike Kremer - The strange Legacy of Paul M. Brown Ph.D
Another plasma researcher, from Russia this time, that suddenly died back in the 1990's was Chernetsky and his Plasmatron Self-Generating Discharge hydrogen plasma device.

Free Energy - Plasmatron - Inventor Died Suddenly
Free Energy - Plasmatron - Inventor Died Suddenly - YouTube

At least inventors Correa's abnormal glow discharge, and Papp technology being developed today by Inteligentry, Ltd., Plasmic Transition Process, are still around and progressing!

Cheers Mike
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