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Thorium Plasma Battery Follow Up...

Hi guys, I agree, let's not get distracted by that patriot crap. I guess if we gave away 23 years of our lives to a corrupt government we might also feel obligated to be "patriotic" to justify our dumb career choice. Anyway, getting back to the plasma battery...

I read the Harvard, Stanford, and MIT White papers and even though Sandia and Princeton plasma labs have millions at their disposal, the four inventors who actually made prototypes apparently did it with their own funds so I think someone knowledgeable can replicate it. About 4 years ago I met an old physics professor at the airport in Vancouver. We both had long delays and somehow we struck up a conversation about plasma physics, which happened to be his specialty. His name I recall was Walker and he was old enough to be God's little brother. Anyway he seemed to have a handle on this and claimed to know one of the inventors personally.

He said that the key to a plasma battery was ionizing the plasma of the Thorium 232 isotope and feeding it through a magnetic field. Other than that I don't remember much more. But I did find this interesting link that raises other issues even more disturbing than the technology hijack by the Pentagon. Prepare yourself to be objective before clicking on this link...

Are Green Nuclear Thorium Plasma Batteries Imported From Afar? Read before laughing!

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