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here is a nice article about EBE ( Extraterrestrial Biological Entity ) ... from: What Mass Effect Tells us about Aliens and the Galaxy we Live in , page 1

Ok so I'm a gamer and currently engrossed in Mass Effect 3 , like any Sci Fi epic Aliens are a big part of the plot and there are many different species , but most if not all have a commonality with life here on Earth .
So is it possible that life in the Mass Effect Galaxy reflects the reality of life in our real Galaxy ?

According to Professor Simon Conway Morris the answer is yes , he believes as do I that evolution is to a certain extent constrained and life on other planets will reflect the evolutionary path taken by life here , with minor changes to reflect the conditions on that planet .

Aliens 'will be like us Principle of Correspondence '
the youtube link:

Professor Simon Conway Morris FRS ET - YouTube

one more thing: from a previous post:

Perhaps because of this reason, many of Parravicini’s prophecies refer to the contact with extraterrestrial beings, which he names "astronavigator" (astronavego), "the Blue Beings" from the planet "KI--EN-KI", which have already been in the earth thousands of years ago and will be back "in their enormous fish shape red ships":

The Brain is an Advanced Fractal Antenna

let's take the Example of Blue Blood'blue_blood'_come_from


The term "blue blood" originated in Spain. It was used to differentiate between people with pale skin (Europeans) from others. The veins appeared more blue due to the lighter skin. The term was carried over from Spanish to English in the early 1800's.

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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