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We have have discussed his prophecies but we have have not looked into his life and experiences .... you will find it quite interesting considering our discussion


note the period of these events

Benjamín Solari Parravicini was born in Buenos Aires city, on August 8, 1898. He was an internationally known plastic artist, simple and humble man he was a naturally gifted with a great psychic and esthetic sensitiveness, becoming later the director of the Buenos Aires City Municipal Fine Arts Museum.
In the peace of his atelier, where he drew, he started to receive in an strange way, ideas which he sketched on paper and which he ascribed to the spontaneity of the artistic creation. But he met a great surprise when he confirmed that the sketched ideas were prophetic, since with the passing of time they came inexorably true...

Thus, under the surprise of his family and friends, he began to accumulate a series of draws containing prophecies about the world future, and particularly about Argentina.
Benjamin's family lived in a colonial large house that his mother had inherited in 1918.
now to the interesting parts :

The mansion was a seven hectares piece of land in the Olivos area (North of Grand Buenos Aires) on the riverside and separated from the adjacent lands by wide grove surrounded gaps.
When they were about to move house, they began to realize that rare things were taking place. The large house had, in the ground floor, twenty wide windows protected by colonial style grilles, and in the nights, noises were felt as if someone beat them with a stick. Immediately after that, one after the other, tens of stones hit the outer walls, some of tem blowing in through the windows. At the very beginning, the family frightened because of the situation, especially for not finding the origin of the blowing stones and because the numerous dogs of the house remained indifferent in the presence of the noises. They decided to report the fact to the police which could not do anything. As this went on night after night without the stones to hit no one in the house they ended up accustomed. In the following days it was joined to this the noise of what appeared to be a person trying to open the main door at about 02:00 am, and the snoring that were heard in one of the towers of the house. Although it seems strange, the family assumed these events as something funny that even caused friends meetings which that to be witnesses of the situation, which extended for 27 years, between 1918 and 1945.

Benjamín, also known in the family circle as Pelón, was the protagonist of strange situations, for instance, "to guess" the location of lost things or persons. But it was in the decade of the ’30 when he started to show his extraordinary capability. One night of 1938 Benjamín waked up trembling, and perceiving a strong sea and seaweed scent inside his room, and at the same time he heard a delicate feminine voice. He started to write what the voice told to him: That she was separating from the life, that she saw beautiful images, and that "the seaweeds involved his hands like dead jewels". At last, the woman introduced herself and Pelón wrote a name, a place and a date: "Alfonsina Storni, Mar del Plata, October 1938". In that precise moment the wonderful poetess suicide going deep into the sea at about 450 kilometers far from the place where Benjamín was.

But his most incredible facet had already became apparent since 1932. His hands, without any apparent control from him, drew and wrote things that with the passing of the years would have an unknown sense for him: He had begun to receive his first psychographies.
see also: The Power of Your Other Hand

But one of the most enigmatic aspects in the life of "Pelón" is his contact with Extraterrestrial beings. According to trustworthy sources (even the well known Antonio Rivera, Spaniard researcher, referred to the subject in his books) had been abducted, carried inside a spacecraft, in heart of Buenos Aires city center, quite near the Buenos Aires Obelisk. The researcher, Robert Anderson, cites in his book "Mysterious appearances and disappearances", the interview given by the humanities professor in La Plata University and secretary of the Argentinean Parapsychology Institute Alejandro Erú to the newspaper "La Razón". Although the full name of the protagonist was not revealed by Erú, his initials, BSP, correspond to our prophet.
"BSP assured to have been contacted by a blond hair guy - wrote Anderson - with a Nordic look, whose eyes were so light that appeared to be blind. The blond hair man talked to him with a guttural voice and in an incomprehensible language although his manners were friendly. The artist perceived only watching of the craft insides before to suffer a sort of faint.

When regained consciousness, BSP saw that he was flying with three blonds blond hair men just like the first one. One of them, politely, questioned him in a language also incomprehensible, but BSP thought to have understood to the man, or, unless caught his ideas, by telepathic communication. BSP was suggested not to be afraid, that he would be back in the earth, just in the same place where he had been took. BSP swore that during the all flight he was in a sort of faintness, but perceiving the lands of Japan, France, and afterwards Chile. When he recovered from his particular trance he was right in the same place where he had meet the blond hair man".

Perhaps because of this reason, many of Parravicini’s prophecies refer to the contact with extraterrestrial beings, which he names "astronavigator" (astronavego), "the Blue Beings" from the planet "KI--EN-KI", which have already been in the earth thousands of years ago and will be back "in their enormous fish shape red ships":

- The astronavigator from the planet KI--EN-KI which arrived in the earth in the hour of the creation, which contributed in the Egyptian construction, Greek and Roman, which helped in the wars of Europe and guided the lasts constructions, tries again to fortify the man in his mind and to avoid the atomic disaster. It is in mission! (year 1960)

the following testimony occured in Chile

the cycle of ages :

The earthly civilization has an astray civilization. It was higher than the following. The man of that time was "adaptable" to the intense earth heat as well as to the hard cold of his origin. He was electromagnetic, he knew how to follow the high mathematics and astral sciences. This man still dwells the iced Pluto, since as it was said "he is adaptable"

In the presence of the constant visits of the extraterrestrial navigators the, science will deny, after that it will doubt, and at last it will say... true it is!. And our wisdom has fallen behind. They have been looking at and looking after us for centuries!
"Maranhata. The virgin will arrive in Argentina in the chaos." (year 1939)
Last news announce the arrival of the invisibles in mass. (year 1939)
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.
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