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hi folks,

well, I tried adding a 50k and 10 k pot in series to fine tune frequency, and i believe i ended up cooking my 555. I ordered some new ones last night, and while i was there i checked for diodes. These diodes seem really good, (600v, 10amps, 25ns!, reverse leakage current of 10ua@600v. I bought 20, I'm gonna make a 6000v, 10amp radiant filter for my don smith, as well as my ufo motor circuit . the diodes were from digikey, part#RFU10TF6S-ND),

Ufo, people have been trying for so long with the don smith, I'm really hoping this can be used with that set up too, some how. I was gonna start with my new diode filter after my secondary. I'm trying to step down a flyback tranformer, with a resonant Don Smith set-up (L2 1/4 length and 4 times diameter of L1). I'm trying to use spark-gap and natural resonance, no caps on hot side of L1 primary, now i think the diodes may have to be reversed after L2 and run it/collect completely on radiant side (maybe use a dc motor for a load). Have you tried that type of high voltage setup before, or was your spark gap used in some other tesla coil setup, or something different all together?

I would love to see a schematic of what your refering to earlier, when you mentioned the radiant energy and spark gaps.

since my oscillator is fried i'm gonna start on the drill motor, and think about the spark gap.

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