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Thanks Alek, I am glad you've like them.

Originally Posted by alek View Post
Hello guys,
I am new here.
UFO, I read all your post, your website and watched your vids.
Your dedication desreves tremendous respect, thank you very much for sharing.
Now I'm absolutely no expert in this field, while theory makes sense to me, I have no experience in electrical engineering. This is however so intersting that i will try to replicate anyway.
I dont expect you guys to teach my electrical basics, so I try to ask you questions you can answer quickly, I would appreciate your help very much.

1. In the colorful drawing of the N channel, does the leg number 4 of the 555 end up in the potentiometer's 'A' (initial) ?
2. I will use the voltage regulator set up as of # 167 by kapierenundkopieren, OK?
3. Has anyone tried the IRF740 ( there was a post about it), I intend to use 3 of these as I can not buy the NTE2397 ?
4. Should I start with a Steel core coil ( 1mm wire 180turns primary + 180 turns secondary) or go straight to the air core ?

And by the way did anyone try out the curcuit from kapieren's post #213?

Hello Alek,

1-Related to 'colorful' diagram I thought it was mine at post #97 (page 4)?
The leg #4 of 555 is positive joined to leg#8, and it also goes to one side of Pot through a 1K Resistor...
2-The Volt Regulator from kapierenundkopieren, is supposed to be Ok, I have my own that I have used with the LM317...
But if you have any kind of problems in Voltage Regulators....We have an expert here...Member Netica, will help you in that field...where she has got tons of experience.
3-Did you take the time to compare the Spec's (Data Sheet) of both transistors to find out any similarities or differences that could allow you to use it? Basically look at the Voltage rating Max Drain-Source, -+Gate Voltage, RdsOn resistance...and Amperage rating at "Pulsed" not continuous...
If they are some how similar...they will be fine.
4-A Fixed Steel core will be safer...since you are starting, a solid one like the one on my pictures...
Now you've said "secondary" ...we are talking about "Layers" of 180 turns connected in series first test...Ending Negative of first with Positive of on..
Using just 180 turns of 18 awg (1 mm) wire as a Primary, will put too much stress on your oscillator...could damage your mosfet's.
Originally, I mentioned (wrote here) three layers of 120 turns each...separated by masking tape...then I connected all in I wrote above...
Then separate one (120 turns) and use it as a secondary...but was oscillating 240 turn coil...not a 180...

I have not tried any more of yet...but kapierenundkopieren, seems to be fine also...but there are better ones later on further pages...

Good luck and keep us informed


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