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"Tree Huggers"

I suppose COULD be taken as an 'insult', or as a derisive term. Or, it COULD just be using 'shorthand' to describe people who are focused on the environment.
Even if someone IS 'insulting', not sure it benefits anyone to respond with insults; thats how fistfights and wars start.
And yeah, there ARE a # of smells emanating from this thread, and one of them is distinctly,.....'ocean-like?' Anyway, I guess what I said previously applies not only to THIS thread, but have seen similar bahavior on far too many threads.
Its like we've got this wonderful new 'toy'; the I-net. I REMEMBER what it was like when there wasn't one. I can sit here, and, for free, 'talk' i.e. post, and communicate with people from all over the world, and we can even have a discussion, sharing ideas, opinions, knowledge and experience. And what do we do???? We get in silly pissing contests.
REALLY DOESN'T 'bode well' for humankind, know what I mean? Jim
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