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Originally Posted by Savvypro View Post
You make valid points.
However, "Patriot" started off by insulting people, who don't fit the map and model of the world, that they are pushing as theirs.

Their whole post is basically nationalistic/patriotic propaganda, that's been used for the past 100+ years to scare people into doing or being a certain way.

Oh and I'll feed the trolls just for the fun of it. Especially in a fishy thread.

As Focus Fusion doesn't use Thorium. <-- If you understand this last statement, you'll understand why I think this thread is fishy.
I whole-heartedly agree with this assessment. This is nothing more than patriotical propaganda expressing not a national viewpoint but a brain-washing spiel of rhetoric that was only missing rohypnol and a baseball bat to get it's point across.
Whether or not this person is trolling is a matter of debate. Troll once, troll twice, troll fifty-thousand times...what's the difference?
However if this person was not a troll then they are obviously oblivious to the new world pulse of a dying heart. This world is being systematically ripped to shreds and fought over due to oil or better yet the lack of available efficient energy. Which brings me back to Thorium. It is far more efficient and abundant than Uranium Oxide. And the man that designed and built the first Uranium nuclear reactor, Eugene Paul Wignor, even said that Thorium was nearly 200 times more efficient than its predecessor and far more safe and user friendly, he just couldn't prove it due to a lack of funding. The government did not care because the waste product of a Thorium reactor can not be used to arm a warhead i.e no plutonium or Uranium235 not to mention they already understood the process, A Thorium reactor was completely foreign to them. It is unfortunate that Alvin Weinberg, his friend, PROVED far too late that Thorium WAS far more efficient and even built a salt water Thorium reactor to prove it. However it is my assumption that if the Doc himself said that Thorium energy is possible then why do we doubt the numerous inventors that say they have harnessed Thorium energy in a lesser form i.e. batteries? We, at this point should not be asking 'is it real?', we should be asking, 'how is it done?' and 'what are the sefety precautions?' you feel me? Yes this stuff lets off radiation but it's not like it lets off gamma rays, which will kill you. The amount of radiation is no more powerful than the radiation let off by your cellphone. Guys, this is do-able...we just have to figure out how.
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