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A re post made by Petar ... who has been contributing Greatly to our Discussion ... I thank you for that

from: Harvesting Energy From the Sun Using Crystals

Originally Posted by petar113507 View Post
How would you control those "defects" with a frequency ...... you are experimenting with the coil MonsiuerM's water Heater ? what freq. would it be? Would it be in the growing phase of the crystalline structure? Or after th crystal was grown, to be bombarded with a certain "resonant" frequency which would spontaneously induce super conduction?

I think that super-conduction has to do with a certain shape. So, for instance migrating atoms, or leaving an empty part

That was the original point of looking at superconductivity -- was with the intent to be able to build it. So, I've been looking a little bit at silicon recently, as that is very easily obtainable for me near the beach.

Why is silicone interesting? Because we are made of carbon. Carbon is one half octave away from silicone.

Silicon is used in all of our modern day transistors and microprocessors. Silicon is also an element which is quite common around the world. Powerme left a vauge process for refining beach sand into high purity silicon, but I think I understand it. Hooking up HHO torch soon, so I will try this method of refining.

Carbon, is also the element which crystalizes into diamond -- the crystaline structure also becomming superconductive after doping with 3% boron. Boron comes just before carbon on Russell's table.

Superconducting diamond turns up in Russia -

So why does silicone become superconductive when doped with boron?

Similarly, silicone carbide and aluminum become can also be superconducting. (you'll have to google it, I cant find it but read it earlier)

What does this tell me? Look at russell's charts. We are playing very similar atomic chords when we are cooling the silicone to superconductivity.

You know how you can play the same note on a piano, and shift one octave up? It sounds higher up, but you are still playing the same "note". I imagine that supeconductivity is a "note" that may be acheived in a vaiety of ways.

With that, I would also like to point out that silcon, having a similar cubic crystal to carbon. I am curently wondering if the shape of the crystal being formed has a link to superconductivity.

This seems to be what this article suggests.
Superconductors Go Fractal - Science News

Can you elaborate a little more on M-state water and "quantum water"? I do not like to ask too many questions without sharing my understanding, to make sure we are on the same page.

I am under the impression that water (the fractal antenna) briefly possesses a structure which induces very small windows of "superconductivity" near the center contracting axis of the vortex shape. I am under this impression that the magnets might "knock" the little superconductors out of position -- impregnating the water with a more electric property.

This has at least been supported by my experience with using one of these simple devices.

Seeing as how our nervous system would become more sensitized after consuming this type of water, I beleive that my body would give me a "good" response (the water tastes sweeter) when I drink it.

It seems to make moss, and grass grow very vigorously (resilient to drought), and greener than the other, faucet-watered areas.

MM, you post very rapidly. I would love to continue "thinking out loud" in an open group, but it takes a bit longer than I'd like to fully articulate my thoughts. I will reply when I can -- you have my full attention.

Thank you for the brainfood
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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