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Originally Posted by jibbguy View Post
Nobody can "buy" or "take" a concept... only a mechanical embody of it.

And this concept is now Open Source whether they like it or not...

Dr. Rustum Roy's study on the Kanzius technology, and John Kanzius' public statements, made it Open Source.

Regarding the frequency of 13.56 Megahertz, it did make a difference in the Study according to Dr. Roy and his post grad students; and according to the people who are developing it for medical anti-cancer treatments.

There have been patent applications in the Euro office with his wife's name on them for the "energy" part (apparently not yet approved), in the U.S., there are some for the anti-Cancer part but no "energy" related ones listed that i could find (there may have been, but then "secretized", but who knows).

That base frequency also happens to be used for commercial warehousing RFID. So conceivably, an RFID transceiver could be used as the "front end" and the signal current amplified with an output stage; simplifying a replication somewhat. These transceivers usually have nice HTML GUI's that allow you to tweak them on a puter. Search "RFID 13.56 MHz" and look for "reader/writer".

It makes sense that the system can be made considerably more electrically efficient by enclosing it and making the emitting antenna much closer to the salt water. This also makes it easier to shield for emitting EMF into the ambient. But how "nice" of them to choose an F range that requires no FCC license I also wonder if using a very closely tuned circuit on the output, that utilizes Close Coupled Inductance, designed so the resonance path is right through the water itself, could work for improvements in efficiency.

And 1,500 deg. C is a pretty hot flame. As for the resultant sodium compounds released into the air (with traces of other elements if using sea water).. trapping them would be comparatively easy compared to the known and deadly poisons of burning coal or even Diesel fuel... Benzine alone responsible for millions of cancers a year.
13.56Mhz is a freebe, the real thing is not this frequency. if you look on the video there is a reciever on the other side of the test tube, now that is important. I will only say one thing, what happens when you put a microphone in front of a speaker? here you do not here it, but it happens.

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