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Originally Posted by garrettm4 View Post

I don't want to be "that guy" but I would seem I need to. Your nitpickery, quiffs, rebukes and over all negative tone have caused me to write this.

thats the same kind of dissmissalist thinking like those who say if you are unhappy with the government fix it by getting out of the country.

If you feel that there is nothing to be found here other than to promote "valid" arguments with others I suggest doing something else with your time. Try participating in another thread, plant a garden, read a book, go to the gym, or maybe smoking weed. These might give you the desired "fulfillment" that you are looking for.

Thats is your conclusion.

There is nothing wrong with posting questions and there is nothing wrong with getting annoyed when they are not answered but you take your "seed planting" to an over zealous level. Much like a Knights Templar killing innocent Arabs because "god wills it".

I honestly believe that you think you are actually helping and are doing a good thing, much like Eric Cartman on the South Park episode "Fish Dicks", where he believes he's the one who came up with the joke.

I don't want to seem like some sort of naysayer and I don't think ALL of your post were over the top but it is the incessant nature of your posting habits, if one were to divide this (newly created) thread's posts into a pie chart, a fair portion would be yours rebuking what everyone else has posted. While this isn't wrong it gets a bit tiring so PLEASE, show some restraint or find a better outlet for your time.

Garrett M

Killing arabs? Dont you think thats a bit over the moon dramatic?