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Originally Posted by thugugly View Post
hello ufo,

well ufo, you build the most amazing things, your grandkids must absolutely love you.

Anyway, I liked your video. While I was watching it, I said to myself, that must be what hutchinson is doing. I never thought he really understood how his equipment worked, it always seemed hit and miss, but after watching your video, somehow his whole room became " inside the radiant field", or he must have a radiant beam., Does the radiant field draw in, only polarized materials, magnets, etc?,

I would like to here your theory you must be developing.

Definitly sheds light on Telsa's radiant energy beams and flying machines!


Also, I'm trying to load a video of my setup you wanted to see, I hope it works,

here's the link
VIDEO0100.3gp - YouTube

Thanks for sharing

Hey Thug,

Thanks! little grand kids love this toys...
Well, this is not Anti-gravity for real, just an Electromagnetic Effect that defies our gravity...However , yes, it only works on magnetized objects...

Actually, my main interest was to show there is a SECOND field in every coil...opposite to the one we the point of Levitating a heavy and magnetically strong Neo magnet oriented exactly as our pulsed direction...

The little UFO was for camera "show"...hehehe...but also oriented identical.

If we do it the other way...the magnets will just shake but no levitation.

Hutchison was playing with bigger toys...Higher Voltages and frequencies...
Heavy duty Old equipment..
Yes He got the whole room into Antigravity...but the "Real One"...where non metallic or magnetic objects also levitate...

Hey thanks for video!...that's good results and illumination!!...
Did you run the motor yet?


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