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Originally Posted by Kokomoj0 View Post
But we can receive telluric 60 cycles from california light and power too. So now what?

That last part makes no sense to me.

Yeh you cant just state something exists because you "think" it exists. You need to support it with some sort of empirical evidence, and a "double bump" resonance does not provide any sort of positive evidence it exists. sorry I have graphic equalizers with a 1/60 octave Q and I can put them side by side too, proves nothing.

I have not seen what I would classify "new" math, or anything that I could not figure out without adding extra quadrants. Thats my problem with all this and as we go those very pointed questions that I put up here that go unanswered are stacking up.
That part should read, "would point to longitudinal waves, as TEM waves can not.."

I can think of anything I want, I know it doesn't mean it's reality. adding extra quadrants to what?

the imaginary term is where the 'new' application would be, it is normally utilized as rotational marker. the big question is why? what is that term really representing? That is what Eric has been talking about, the power of the square root of -1, the imaginary j operator of counterspace rotation.