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Originally Posted by dR-Green View Post
There is no theory without observation.

You know several years ago there was this kid who obviously never spent a day past the 8th grade in school who had this gigantic rats nest of coils and he made all kinds of noise about overunity and was in every magazine looking for investors for his marvel.

He even attracted the attention of the local power company who came out made a few measurements and they were kind to the kid they just shrugged and said no thanks. Then again from a long term standpoint maybe they were not so kind to the kid.

Anyway like most of these fabulous inventions the ole bear craps in the buckwheat when us old timers come in and want to disect what they have done or make a precise copy for testing.

Its amazing how they get sick, they lent it to a friend and they will have any number of excuses to make sure you will never test or replicate their unit.

Just goes to show you that they know what they have does not work as advertised

So now today that game has changed its colors like a chameleon since there is the internet they have to contend with now days. You know what I mean? Do you recognize it when you see it?

The standing presumed principles have gaping holes in them, just look at my previous posts, feel free to answer the questions I pose or respond.

We can start from the beginning. How does an electric charge that (is moving) flows not have a current and hence not have a magnetic field intrinsic to that flowing current?

The problem is not what I observe but the claims that are being made without any observation or standing, and of course my old time favorite, cherry picking and wordsmithing..(in some cases)

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