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some more snapshots from the presentation:

the following can be linked to the work of Walter and Lea Russell (WLR )


ufo Design:

compare to a previous pic we discussed:


Wireless breakthrough: one frequency, multiple signals • The Register

A team of Italian radio boffins and one Swede have one-upped their pioneering countryman Guglielmo Marconi by demonstrating a method of simultaneously transmitting multiple signals on the same frequency.

Team member Bo Thide of Swedish Institute of Space Physics first conceived the orbital angular momentum idea in a 2007 paper focussed on radio astronomy, but in which he wrote that the concept "paves the way for novel wireless communication concepts."

Last year, Tamburini, Thide, and their team demonstrated the multiple-signal technique by beaming two separate audio signals at 2.4GHz, then two television signals, 442 meters from the lighthouse of Venice's San Giorgio Island to the balcony of the Palazzo Ducale.

------------------------------- and some writing

and a ref to fractal :

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