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Originally Posted by Web000x View Post
Go build an Alexanderson network or a TMT base on Eric's dimensions and prove/disprove it to yourself. You will get nowhere by asking a bunch of questions and saying everybody here is wrong.

no, what you do not understand is that I disagree with much of what is being said here based upon my own education and personal experience. Because I pose it in the form of a question does not mean that I do not already know (or presume) an answer just as you all are doing.

I have no need to be a "TPU" tard with a coil winding obsession to prove to myself what every engineer learns in second semester. (to be blunt)

When I see something that has promise to fulfill my expectations of a successful project then I will start winding coils. I am willing to experiment but not until I can at least reasonably get a working theory on how the stuff is supposed to work and most questions I pose are either felt to be unimportant or are too difficult for promoters to answer. It usually takes about 1 - 3 years before others start asking the same questions, so I just consider myself a seed planter