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Originally Posted by lamare View Post
I discard BOTH relativity AND the current Maxwell equations:

Tuks DrippingPedia : Ruins 96 Years Einstein Relativity

Until you have something "fully functional" that replaces it you cannot. At lease not legitimately.

The magnetic field is just a special case of the electric field, because the electric field is nothing other than the pressure of the aether, a fluid-like medium, which can obviously rotate, which is what magnetism is.

Sure but a charge is only a charge, a scalar potential that sits there like a pretty princess doing nothing.

As soon as that charge does something (moves or is directed to move) there is that pesky intrinsic magnetic field that sets up right with it as a result of flow, current.

Thanks to the comments here, I realized that the Tesla transmitter most likely actually transforms the LMD mode in the secondary into a LD mode in the "extra" coil, while being driven from a TEM mode in the primary...

I hope to be able to have some simulations made of the pancake coil in the near future, because if that is operating in LD/LMD mode, one should be able to simulate it just fine with current software...

Yeh if I have time I will set up my spice program also. Dont have much use for it now days LOL